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Bharat Standard IV Emission Standards

In a move that had huge repercussions on the automobile industry, the Supreme Court banned the sale of Bharat Stage III vehicles with effect from April 1 2017.The verdict sought a ban on sale and registration of BS III-compliant vehicles from April 1, resulting in the implementation of BS IV emission standards. While a lot of passenger vehicle makers shifted to producing BS IV-compliant vehicles, two-wheeler, three-wheeler and commercial vehicle manufacturers still continued to produce BS III vehicles. But, before

New Innovations in Automobile Industry

As technology continues to make rapid strides in the automobile industry, Autograde has gathered a list of the latest innovations in the field – a few of them being offered by Autograde itself! 1) GPS Vehicle tracking – This innovation has been a game-changer for worried parents as well as vehicle owners with drivers. Autograde’s GPS vehicle tracking device (VTS) combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these data for a comprehensive picture of

Indian Roads Vs. International Roads

It is a well-known fact that India’s roads are among the world’s bloodiest. Potholes claimed six lives on an average on Indian roads every day in 2016. Road infrastructure plays an important role in a country’s development. But, what makes Indian roads so different from International roads? India’s preferred road-laying material has for long been bitumen. Most of the developed nations of the world use Concrete roads. The paving cost of concrete roads is higher compared to that of bitumen

Key to Road Safety is the Driver

The driver’s role is the apex point in road safety measures. It is well known that drivers are at higher risk of being involved in a crash. New drivers need to gain more experience since they are at a higher risk of being involved in a crash. They need to become skilled and safer drivers through continued practice and learning process. License must be issued to drivers after proper driving tests. Driver’s disability, medical factors, eyesight test, age etc must

Speed Governor Installation Mandatory in All States- Declares Ministry, Supreme Court

The number of road traffic accidents/deaths has been rising exponentially over the past decade in India, thanks to factors like growing population, surging demand for transport/commercial vehicles, poor traffic rules and regulations, and SPEEDY VEHICLES. In 2013, more than 1.3 lakh people had lost their lives in road traffic accidents! Adding to this unpleasant data is the estimation that by the year 2020, road traffic accidents could become the third most common reason for deaths in the country. In response to

SPEED- The Prime Cause of Road Traffic Accidents & Deaths!

If we dig out the facts and causes behind road traffic accidents happening around the world, it would be no surprise to find ‘SPEED’ as the common and prime culprit. Over the years, many researchers have studied and established the relationship between speed and the increase in the number of road traffic accidents and deaths. There are 2 types of unwanted speeds- Excess Speed and Inappropriate Speed. Excess speed refers to exceeding the speed limit, while inappropriate speed refers to

Road accidents may cause up to 5% decline in GDP in low/middle-income economies

Every year, about 1.25 million people around the globe die due to road traffic accidents; which means- 3,400 deaths daily! However, over 90% of these deaths occur in economically backward regions alone. Low and middle-income countries in the African region are said to report the highest rates of road traffic deaths. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the low and middle income economies may incur a loss of up to 5% of their GDP just because of road traffic

Speed Governors: Trusted Tool for Vehicle Speed Limiting

Recent Report by Transport Research Wing, Morth-2015 data, says that in every four minutes one accident death occurs in India. Also, it reports that around 1 lakh deaths are recorded from 5 lakh road crashes in India. There has been an upward trend in the number of deaths due to road accidents. This is a matter of concern for all the residents of this country. In this situation Supreme Court words are of great relevance, ‘India can avoid being the

Use Speed Governor for Safer Roads

Road accidents have become too common in our country. Many precious lives are lost in road accidents every day. Everyone is in a hurry and is least bothered to think about these social issues unless they become a victim. Ordinary citizens like you and me, can do a lot to improve the present scenario. Speeding of vehicles is the major cause of road accidents. Traffic violations, poor road conditions, careless driving also adds-up to the cause of road accidents. Speed governors