Why Only Autograde?

Autograde International is the largest Indian manufacturer of speed governors and vehicle tracking systems.

International Quality

Certified after a rigorous series of inspections unlike the other products in the market.

Long Product Life

Best-in-class raw materials and a four-stage quality check makes our product durable.

24/7 Service & 3 Year Warranty

3 year warranty and the added benefit of 24/7 service support from the sales team.

Made In UAE

Unlike the chinese products available in market, we provide the best product with ‘Made in UAE’ tag.

Insurance for Drivers

Proven Return on Investment: Due to its increased efficiency which increases the engine life and reduces fuel consumption, the cost of the product could be recovered in a month.

Fast Vehicle Renewal

Vehicle Certificates are easy to renew because of our strong network of dealers and distributors all over Dubai.

Our Dealer Commitments

Lead Generation

Through  call centers and strong ground sales team and other market development activities.

Timely Supply

Timely supply of products at reasonable prices with support in appointing dealers & sub-dealers across the state


On-Time training with strong ground sales and marketing support with necessary training.

Authorized genuine products

International quality products with relevant and latest approvals, certifications.

Customer Support

Customer service support (for warranty related issues, technical assistance, general queries).

Upcoming Products

Promise a long term relationship with the company where we will grow together.

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Vehicles on Road






Vehicle Models

Speed Governors

An electronic device that controls (measure and regulate) the top speed of the vehicle.

Dass 86

Autograde’s ARAI and government approved fuel type speed governor is an electronic fuel control road speed limiter.


Autograde’s ARAI and government approved electronic pedal interface speed governor is suitable for any vehicle with Engine Control Modules.


Autograde’s ARAI and government approved cable type speed governor interfaces with the pedal of the vehicle to limit its speed.

TANK-Vehicle Tracking System

It is a vehicle tracking system that integrates vehicle tracking, transport & safety solutions.


Combines the use of automatic vehicle location with data for a comprehensive picture of the vehicle location.


Advanced version of Lite, which includes the latest features of Geo fencing, Immobilizer, Route Fixing, Route Violation Alerts, Fuel Management and Alerts.

TANK for Schools

Tracks school buses and allows every parent to check on their child’s whereabouts.This ensures safety of their children and better confidence on the school transport facility.

Other Products


TPMS systems monitor proper tire pressure to maintain vehicle performance and support safety.


Uses information about the road on which the vehicle travels to make decisions about the correct speed.

Stop Arm

Mounted outside of the vehicle to stop the traffic when its doors are opened for school buses.

Speed Recorder

Monitors the functioning of speed limiter and records the highest speed in each minute.

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