Electronic Speed Governor

///Electronic Speed Governor

Electronic Speed Governor - Autograde SafeDrive

Autograde’s ARAI and government approved SafeDrive Speed Governor is a technologically advanced speed governor device that works best with electronic engines and accelerator pedals of the latest generation of vehicles.


Autograde SafeDrive Speed Governor is suitable for any vehicle with Engine Control Modules. This advanced device has no moving parts, specially designed connectors to avoid mistakes while connecting, and is tamper and wear & tear proof.

Major parts include:

Electronic Control Unit (E.C.U)

Speed Sensor / Speed Adaptor

Product Components

Electronic Control Unit (E.C.U)

ECU is a microprocessor based controlling device, constantly monitors the vehicle speed and sends signals to the Control Unit accordingly.

Sensor Adapter

The Speed Adapter converts any kind of waveforms to square wave pulse which is compatible for the ECU.


Operating Voltage

11V to 32V


Operating Current



Operating Temperature (Cabin Mounted)

20°C to 85°C



Electronic Sensor

How it Works


  • The accelerator pedal is electronic and sends the speed signal to the Engine Control Module(ECM).
  • When SafeDrive is connected, the pedal output is connected to the SafeDrive Sensor Adaptor.
  • The ECU then monitors the speed signal and if the speed signal is going beyond the set speed signal, the output to the ECM will be proportional to the set speed signal.

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