Cable Type Speed Governor

///Cable Type Speed Governor

Cable Type Speed Governor - Autograde C-DRIVE

Autograde’s ARAI and government approved C-DRIVE Speed Governor interfaces with the pedal of the vehicle to limit its speed. The motor-controlled speed governor controls the speed of the vehicle by a precise adjustment of accelerator cable.


Autograde C-Drive is a tried and tested traditional speed limiter widely used in many Asian countries.

Major parts include:



Electronic Control Unit (E.C.U)

Speed Sensor / Speed Adaptor

Product Components

Electronic Control Unit (E.C.U)

ECU is a microprocessor based controlling device, constantly monitors the vehicle speed and sends signals to the Control Unit accordingly.

Sensor Adapter

The Speed Adapter converts any kind of waveforms to square wave pulse which is compatible for the ECU.


Operating Voltage

12V to 30V


Operating Current

6A to 3A


Operating Temperature (Cabin Mounted)

20°C to 100°C



Mechanical & Electronic Sensor


  • The accelerator pedal is connected to a cable which relays the throttle (device controlling the flow of fluid) pressure. The cable is connected to the throttle cable and to the motor. An ECU controls the action of the motor.
  • The speed sensor is attached to the gearbox and continuously detects the speed of the vehicle.
  • The ECU compares this speed from the gearbox to the set speed(the speed limit that the vehicle should maintain).
  • When the speed from the gearbox matches with the set speed or tend to go above the set speed, the ECU triggers the motor and the motor will pull out the cable.
  • This will force the accelerometer pedal to become slack thereby reducing the throttle pressure and hence the speed of the vehicle.

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