Vehicle Tracking System Types

01. TANK Lite

Autograde’s TANK – Lite vehicle tracking system combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these data for a comprehensive picture of the vehicle location.


Autograde’s TANK – Pro vehicle tracking system integrates vehicle tracking, transport and safety solutions. TANK Pro uses the GPS technology for transmitting key vehicle information from the web server and is accessible from anywhere.

03. TANK for Schools

Autograde’s TANK – for Schools tracks school buses and allows every parent to check on their child’s whereabouts.


Autograde’s TANK (Tracking and Navigation Kit) Vehicle Tracking System enables live tracking of trucks, container lorries, school buses or cars in taxi fleet. By virtue of live tracking, our web and mobile app can display vehicle speed, acceleration, running time, idle time, tracing past path, speed violations etc.

Live Tracking & Route History

Real-time tracking through a computer or smartphone. Get a detailed map view of vehicle’s movement. TANK can maintain history for upto 12 months.


Get SMS alerts for activities like route violation, over speeding, device tampering, main power removal and accident (Tilt & Impact sensing).

*Immobilizer(Engine Shutdown)

Immobilize your vehicle by turning off the engine remotely in case of theft, deviation or any other necessary reason. Can be done by SMS,app,or call

*Geo fencing & Route Violations:

Set geo-fences for your vehicles and get notified in any case of deviation. TANK can give alert to the fleet owner if there are route violations.

Driver Performance Analysis

Measure and analyse driver performance and correct
inappropriate behaviors, which includes rash driving, over speeding and idling.

*Vehicle Monitoring:

Fuel Management, Fuel Theft Detection, Temperature Status, Door Open/Close Status, Ignition Status and much more.
* Additional charges may apply

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Vehicle Tracking System Benefits

Made in India, Trusted Across the World.
Save Money

Identify vehicle misuse and provides detailed fleet records, accessible via web/mobile

Reduce Risk

Ability to track vehicle theft and expedite recovery and prevents unauthorized use of vehicles

Save Time

Record vehicle activities throughout the day which helps in trip management and route planning.

Improve Performance

Helps to meet the most difficult Service Level Agreements and improves your customer service



Real-time data of the running time and driver behaviour with safety and security of assets and passengers.

Bank Vehicles

Identify and stop unauthorised use of the vehicles and provides better security system.

Logistics/Freight & Transport

Provides fleet status, location and time taken for delivery of goods and automate many record keeping functions.

Emergency Vehicles

Real-time data of ambulance’s location helps quick pick up of patient. Notifies any breakdown of vehicles.

Personal Vehicles

Stolen vehicles can be recovered by tracking the location and provides speed alert and other instant notifications.

Schools & Colleges

Safety assurance to the parents with real time tracking of school bus


GPS Tracking Device

This is the device that is fitted in the vehicle. The device captures GPS information and vehicle information and transmits at regular intervals to the central server.

GPS Tracking Server

The server receives the data from the tracking devices and stores the data in the server. The server will then serve this information to the User Interface.

User Interface

This is the software/ mobile application which enables viewing of vehicle data.



  • Over-Speed Indicator
  • 16Mb flash memory
  • Anti-Theft Alerts
  • Live tracking


  • Panic buttons as per requirement
  • IO expander board as per requirement*
  • Accelerometer
  • Tilt alert

TANK Pro for Schools

  • RFID module
  • Impact Detection Alert
  • Tilt alert
  • Vehicle location report

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