Vehicle Tracking System TANK LITE

///Vehicle Tracking System TANK LITE

Vehicle Tracking System- Autograde TANK Lite

Autograde’s TANK Lite Vehicle Tracking System combines the use of automatic vehicle location in individual vehicles with software that collects these data for a comprehensive picture of the vehicle location.


Autograde TANK works on GPS-GSM architecture. Our GPS vehicle tracking system will provide you with effective, real-time vehicle location, mapping and reporting.

Major components include:

GPS Tracking Device

T.A.N.K (Tracking And Navigation Kit)

GPS Tracking Server

User Interface

Product Components

Microcontroller Unit

32 bit processor controls the entire functionality of the device.

LI-ION Battery

Used as an internal power backup for the device. GPS Tracking Server
User Interface.


Controller Area Network is a serial communication bus originally developed for the automotive industry.


Input voltage range



Power consumption

Typically 50mA, Maximum 2A


Operating temperature

0°C to 80°C


Storage temperature

0°C to 85°C


  • GPS Tracking Device is fitted in the vehicle. The device captures GPS information and vehicle information and transmit at regular intervals to the central server
  • GPS Tracking Server receives the data from the tracking devices and stores the data in the server. The server will then serve this information to the User Interface
  • User Interface is the software application which enables viewing of vehicle data.
    Autograde’s T.A.N.K system combines the use of automatic vehicle location with a software that collects these data for a comprehensive picture of the vehicle location
  • T.A.N.K works on a GPS-GSM architecture and the features include large flash memory, In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS), Remote logs reading, precise online tracking, remote monitoring, over speed warning etc.

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