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Bharat Standard IV Emission Standards

In a move that had huge repercussions on the automobile industry, the Supreme Court banned the sale of Bharat Stage III vehicles with effect from April 1 2017.The verdict sought a ban on sale and registration of BS III-compliant vehicles from April 1, resulting in the implementation of BS IV emission standards. While a lot of passenger vehicle makers shifted to producing BS IV-compliant vehicles, two-wheeler, three-wheeler and commercial vehicle manufacturers still continued to produce BS III vehicles. But, before

Speed Governor Installation Mandatory in All States- Declares Ministry, Supreme Court

The number of road traffic accidents/deaths has been rising exponentially over the past decade in India, thanks to factors like growing population, surging demand for transport/commercial vehicles, poor traffic rules and regulations, and SPEEDY VEHICLES. In 2013, more than 1.3 lakh people had lost their lives in road traffic accidents! Adding to this unpleasant data is the estimation that by the year 2020, road traffic accidents could become the third most common reason for deaths in the country. In response to

SPEED- The Prime Cause of Road Traffic Accidents & Deaths!

If we dig out the facts and causes behind road traffic accidents happening around the world, it would be no surprise to find ‘SPEED’ as the common and prime culprit. Over the years, many researchers have studied and established the relationship between speed and the increase in the number of road traffic accidents and deaths. There are 2 types of unwanted speeds- Excess Speed and Inappropriate Speed. Excess speed refers to exceeding the speed limit, while inappropriate speed refers to

Speed Governors: Trusted Tool for Vehicle Speed Limiting

Recent Report by Transport Research Wing, Morth-2015 data, says that in every four minutes one accident death occurs in India. Also, it reports that around 1 lakh deaths are recorded from 5 lakh road crashes in India. There has been an upward trend in the number of deaths due to road accidents. This is a matter of concern for all the residents of this country. In this situation Supreme Court words are of great relevance, ‘India can avoid being the

Use Speed Governor for Safer Roads

Road accidents have become too common in our country. Many precious lives are lost in road accidents every day. Everyone is in a hurry and is least bothered to think about these social issues unless they become a victim. Ordinary citizens like you and me, can do a lot to improve the present scenario. Speeding of vehicles is the major cause of road accidents. Traffic violations, poor road conditions, careless driving also adds-up to the cause of road accidents. Speed governors

4 Suggestions to Improve India’s Road Safety and Save Precious Lives

Installation of Speed governors is found to be the most effective solution to over speeding of vehicles around the world. Over speeding of vehicles results in increasing road accident rates and fatalities that can be avoided by making the vehicle fully under control by the installation of speed governors. Keeping this fact India is edging to reduce road accident rates by 50 percent by 2020. The State and the Central government play a key role in implementation of mandatory speed

The Importance of Speed Governors on School Buses

India has only about 1 percent of the world’s vehicles but accounts for 10 percent of the world’s road accidents. According to Save Life Foundation, there is a road accident death in India every four minutes and about 380 deaths occur every day, equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing daily. School buses need to be one of the safest forms of motor vehicle transportation. Traffic volume on the Nation’s highways has increased dramatically over the past twenty years. Also, there have

Speed Limiters: An Effective Means of Vehicles Speed Control on Roads

Speeding is a major road safety problem in all countries. Faster driving speeds increase the likelihood of a crash occurring, and the severity of its consequences. Interventions to reduce speed can lead to significant reductions in road traffic injuries. In urban areas, with high concentrations of pedestrians and cyclists, measures to reduce speed are critical to the safety of these road users. Excessive speeding is a worldwide problem affecting the entire road network (motorways and highways, and rural and urban

Dependence on Speed Governor for Road Safety Measures

Several rules are implemented for safety on roads, but these are not reflecting in the road accident statistic rates. The increasing fatalities rate shows us that the problem needs to be studied on the basis of technical and modern science. The speed governors are the best solutions for these crises. The reach of speed governors must be made available to every commercial vehicle. Studies have shown that vehicles without speed governors are much prone to road accidents than with vehicles

How to Select The Best Speed Governors At The Best Price?

Initially commercial vehicle owners will have to shell out less than Rs 10,000 per vehicle for the purpose of installing speed governors within their vehicle. The state government’s policy to make speed governor mandatory in all vehicles increases the sale of speed governors. Several States have decided to make speed governors mandatory for school buses, tankers, dumpers and goods vehicles covered for national permit. According to RTO officials, only those speed governors that are approved by Automotive Research Association of